Be Flexible…

Let’s face it, the market sucks!  Especially, if you’re looking for a job like I am.  What I’ve learned these past two years is that you have to be Flexible.  No, it’s not about being so desperate that you’ll accept whatever job offered to you instead it’s allowing yourself to have more options.  You don’t want to limit yourself by implementing unrealistic stipulations in finding your ideal job.

In my experience working in Human Resources for 7 years, I found that many people don’t take their jobs or the job search seriously.  This is where YOU can create your own Brand when it comes to your job search.  Set your talents & name apart from everyone else.  Take it back to the old school and actually dress up for an interview.  When I use to work in a hospital, I couldn’t believe how many people showed up to their interview in a pair of jeans.  If you don’t know, jeans are not professional no matter if you pair them up with a dress shirt or not.  Don’t assume that the person interviewing you is only checking you out based on your resume alone.  I know times are tough and you probably can’t go out to buy a whole new wardrobe dedicated to your job search but there is always an economical solution to everything.  My closet has two outfits dedicated to my job search: a business suit that shows off my legs and a crisp white shirt paired up with a set of basic black slacks.  It’s simple and classic and tells my future employer that I care about my appearance and will care about their business image too.

Don’t lose hope and if you are feeling hopeless on the day of an interview, SUCK IT UP Dear Reader.  The person interviewing you will have a keen sense of defeat and that indicates you have low-self esteem.  No one wants to hire someone who they feel doesn’t have confident in themselves so why expect them to hire you if you feel that way.  There are no second chances in this market so give it your best shot for your first impression.  By doing this you’ll always be ahead of your competitor.

But for those of you who are daring enough, why not attempt to create your own job.  Start the business you’ve been dreaming about doing.  Find a way to get paid for your talents.  I have a friend who recently quit her job and cashed out her 401K to pursue her dreams of traveling to countries she has always dreamed of visiting for as long as I’ve known her.  Most people would be fearful to quit their job in this market because it makes sense to feel this way when you’re a slave to your mortgage and car note payments. In her case, she downsized her life by selling all of her furniture to save more money for her trip.  For about six months she moved in with her sister who allowed her to stay rent free and slept on her couch until she left for her trip this past Christmas.  How many people could do that?  It’s times like this in a weak economy that all you need is just a little optimism for you to believe that when the market gets better someday then you’ll be ready to get back to working.  I’m sure when the market does go back to “normal” she will be ready to return to Corporate America refreshed and renewed with a better outlook on life.  She’ll probably find out something new about herself that would have taken her a lifetime to figure it out.  This is just a reminder that in life we should not let opportunities at anytime pass you by no matter how good or bad the economy is.

Are You Flexible?

Love Yourself!

Written by: Max-Laine


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