Set-backs.  We all have them and they appear to show up everyday of our lives as single parents.  “If it’s not one thing, it’s another,” is a common saying among us.  But today folks, I’m on some Eat-Love-Pray-Julia-Roberts’ type-shit!  You know the days when you feel like throwing your hands up in the air and want to walk away from all your problems, frustrations, and responsibilities.  You know you really don’t want to wake up to go to work with those nosey-lazy-good-for-nothing co-workers or attend this evenings Open House at your child’s school because you can’t avoid speaking to your child’s classroom parent who brags how wonderful their summer was and who happens to be a stay-at-home-because-her-husband-makes-enough-money-mom.  I know I’ve said a mouthful but it’s been that kind of day.  You think nobody cares or can understand what you’re going through.  I’m here to tell you that WE do.

Melanie and I are experiencing our own set-back with releasing our book.  So, in case you were wondering what happened we had to RE-vise the book & RE-vamp our promotions.  We believe the old saying, “A Set-Back is a Set-Up for a Comeback.”

No matter what happens our vision is still the same and sometimes we are faced with limitations that we put on ourselves.  Although we’ve said that this movement is going to be big, we didn’t know HOW BIG and how soon it was going to happen.  We challenged ourselves to THINK BIGGER and WORK HARDER.  It’s been a costly ride but we know it will all pay off in the end because we started this project to become successful and inspirational single moms.  Nobody says, “hey, today I’m going to give it all I got and FAIL the best way I know how.”  It just takes patience and knowing that Failing is not an option especially when you know they are people rooting for you to fall flat on your face.

Remember that we are always on the move even when you haven’t heard from us.  It’s like a single parent to keep things moving along because we can’t stop and won’t stop for the small stuff.  If you’re going through something remember this, “someone in this world would love to have your problems because they’re going through tougher times.”  If you just lost your job and you’re receiving unemployment BE THANKFUL.  There are people out there that don’t know where their next meal is going to come from.  When I lost my job I thought it was the end of the world but with my unemployment benefits I scaled back on my lifestyle and took a trip to D.C. with my daughter.  A place we never traveled to before and made some great memories with some new friends we met along the way.

We encourage you to always try to make a negative situation into a positive one.  That’s what WE “Crazy” Baby Mamas are all about.  Are You preparing for your Comeback?

Love Yourself!

Written By: Max-laine

About crazybabymamas

Authors of the book, "Are You A 'Crazy' Baby Mama?" which is a handbook for Single Moms. We are single moms who have RE-defined "Crazy" and celebrate ALL moms. If you're "crazy" about your kids then you're probably a "crazy" baby mama. It's about taking something that's negative and turning it into something positive. No more drama for these "Crazy" Baby Mamas. View all posts by crazybabymamas

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