Have you ever felt unappreciated? It’s easy to feel this way if you’re a singe mom.  At times you do things for other people when you should be doing those things for yourself.  You get into this rat race pleasing everyone in addition to your child just to feel appreciated or needed.  You put your needs on the back burner for so many years that you forget the things that make YOU happy.  When you do this its filling a void.  That void for me was to always fulfill other people’s needs because I didn’t think I deserved fulfilling my own needs.  I could never say “no” to people I knew darn well that I shouldn’t do favors for.  I gave them the impression that all was well in my life and that they could always count on me.  The truth is that I never had enough time nor the money to lend them.  I cowardly took the easy way out by giving in to their needs.

Everyday is a new day to change your old ways.  I finally had to look within myself and I found that I made a lot more mistakes than I thought.  I had been silent with my true feelings towards the way I felt about people around me.  I know I’ve brought this up several times but it really has bothered me that I never paid attention to these people.  I felt like some of them just kept me around “just in case” they needed something from me or to do something for them.  I just couldn’t live like that anymore.

It’s been a long journey and being by myself has opened my heart to new people and new experiences.  I’m more willing to take more risks and that hasn’t happened in a longtime. I need to do what I got to do in order to get ahead in life and my new career.

In the midst of it all, I know not everyone is going to like this revelation.  Who cares!!!  I learned longtime ago that you can’t please everyone.  Your business should be to please yourself. If Mommy is good then everyone is good.

Love Yourself!



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