Chapters by The “Crazy” Baby Mamas

We have so much work to do especially when it comes to so-called Baby Mama & Baby Daddy issues.  This new segment called Chapters for our Blog will focus on those issues that we discuss in our book, Are You A “Crazy” Baby Mama? (A Handbook For Single Moms).

We found this video where the ladies from The View asked Sean “Diddy” Combs about his relationship with his children’s mothers.  Barbara Walters wonders out loud why he hasn’t married yet.  His response was, “I haven’t been ready to get married,” even though he has 6 children with 3 women.

Diddy is not the first nor will he be the last man to have children by multiple women.  Let us not forget those women who have children by multiple men either.  The common denominator in both scenarios are the WOMEN!  WE (yes we include ourselves), as women and mothers, have accepted a lot of crap from society and men but WE all have to accept some responsibility.  LOTS OF MONEY could be the reason Diddy’s children’s mothers may have accepted this arrangement without a marriage commitment.  If he were Diddy The High School Drop-Out without a Job then this would be a different story. People would be outraged because he couldn’t take care of his children leaving the mothers with the responsibility to raise children who will NOT become a statistic.  The same statistic that says children who are raised without their fathers will drop-out of school, become a teenage parent, and end up in jail.  Yet, here’s another example that WOMEN are the key factor.

The real deal is that there’s a double standard when it comes to the roles of mothers and fathers.  You can either be a dad who is not always there for their child or a father who takes care of their child no matter what his circumstances are. Whereas a mother is concern, she will always and forever be the Mama.  The one who will take off from work to take their child to the doctor and so many other responsibilities taken on when there isn’t a father or positive male role model in a child’s life.

We deserve respect all the time and not only when we have a child for someone (sometimes that’s not the case).  At some point in our lives, we have to realize that giving up the cookies i.e. our va-jay-jay doesn’t equal love and commitment.  If we continue to allow men to come in and out of our lives as they please then do you really think that they will make a commitment to you AND your child.

Don’t believe the hype that there aren’t any good men out there.   If only WE believed that we are Good women then those men who are habitual baby daddy offenders (and the future baby daddies of the world) will have no choice but to step up by becoming more responsible and respecting us more than ever.  Our children’s future don’t look any better if we don’t change things now.

(Please answer any of the questions or Leave a comment below)

  • What lessons can we teach our children about being a single parent?
  • What do you think of Diddy’s response as to why he is not married?
  • Do you think Diddy’s children are better off than children whose father don’t have as much money as he does?

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