365 Days To Success (Day IV)

(4th Day, 361 Days to go) Don’t tell me that you are a Man or Woman of God…show me!

My mom always told me if someone has to tell you who they are or what they stand for then I should run in the other direction.  (By now you should know whose quote that is in the beginning of this post.)  That’s why I always stay away from conversations about religion and politics.

Don’t worry Dear Reader, I’m not going to go Church Lady on you and start preaching to you today or ever.  I’m still trying to figure out this whole religion thing because I’ve been avoiding going to another church after leaving my last church almost two years ago.

I went every Sunday for about 3 years until I stopped going because I didn’t feel I was getting the spiritual fulfillment that I was searching for.  Please don’t tell me that I should have visited more churches because that was my 4th church.

Since I left, I started telling people I’m more spiritual but not religious when asked if I’m a Christian.  In addition to that, the Bishop of the church I last attended announced that he is Gay even though he married twice and married for over twenty years with his second wife.  When he announced it in front of his congregation, his ex-wife and four kids stood by him.  I have to admit that this incident has forever changed my views on organized religion especially since I felt some spiritual connection during the time I went there.  However, I still believe in a higher spiritual being and I haven’t lost my Faith.

For now I will continue on my spiritual journey and find my way.  Before I end I have to tell you that my mom also said that “God hears you wherever you are…even on the toilet.”  Moms…you gotta love them!

Love Yourself!

Written By: Maxx


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