(12th Day, 353 days to go)


The “Crazy” Baby Mamas’

Top 10 Excuses Used By Deadbeat Parents

10.  My child doesn’t need me because they’re young and they won’t remember that I wasn’t there anyway.

9.  I couldn’t call for my child’s birthday because my phone died.

8.  I can’t find a job because of the recession.  (They’ve been using this excuse before the recession)

7.  If I win the lottery then I can do more for my family and child.

6.  My father wasn’t in my life so I don’t know how to be a father to my kids.

5.  I can’t afford to take care of my kids because I have too many bills to pay.

4.  Life isn’t fair.

3.  How can I ever do something with my life when everyone is against me?

2.  If I could go back into time, I would have made better decisions.

1.  I help when I can.


Love Yourself!

Written by: Maxx


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