(18th day, 347 more days to go) Being Discipline is a Helluva Drug.

By now you’ve probably figured out that I’m trying to write a post every day or at least post something that I like or reflects who I am.  Even though I’m behind a few days, I’m determined to catch up and not fall behind again.  This new challenge that I’ve set for myself is about being more disciplined and completing something that I start.

I have so many unfinished projects that I started and haven’t had a chance to finish them.  For some strange reason, I find myself excited to start a project but by the time I get half way done my spark fizzles.  This exercise will not only help me become a better writer but inspire me to put the finished touches to those unfinished projects hopelessly waiting for Mama to complete them.

My greatest accomplishment (besides publishing our book) that I finished was getting my college degree.  Even though It took me 8 years to get a 4 year degree, there were so many obstacles in my way that could have prevented me from finishing.  From failing out of Nursing school to getting pregnant, I was determined to graduate.

I initially went to school for Nursing right after finishing high school.  During my first year an English professor pulled me to the side to ask if I ever considered becoming a writer.  Little did I know he saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself until so many years later.  I ignored his suggestion and continued to pursue a degree in healthcare for an additional three years.  It wasn’t until I failed a chemistry class for the third time that I decided to quit.  My mother who was the most influential person to convince me to go to medical school in the first place was also very disappointed with my decision.  In her defense, most Caribbean parents desire their children to become either a doctor or a nurse.  It’s an accomplishment for them to tell their family and friends that their child works in the healthcare industry.

I couldn’t imagine myself being a nurse because it takes a huge commitment and a compassionate person to take care of sick people.  Besides, I don’t think any career in the healthcare industry could give me satisfaction like writing does.

After four years of being out of school and working odd jobs, I decided to go back to school to major in Radio, Television, and Film.  However, Life took over and had a different plan because weeks before I was to start school I discovered that I was pregnant.  So once again I took another year off before I started.  My daughter was barely two months old when school started.  I was so determined that I went to school every semester without taking a break.  It paid off and I finally graduated.

I learned that I needed to stop putting a timeframe on everything.  I was older than a lot of the other students leaving me to feel like it was too late to get my degree.  At times it was discouraging to finish because the other students were talking about being tired from staying out at the club all night while I was too but from a crying baby who was teething.

In this case, I guess not finishing school for all those years gave me time to find myself.  I now know that everything I went through was for a reason and hopefully my mistakes will be a lesson for those of you reading our Blog and that you will eventually buy our book.

I would love for you to leave this post with the understanding that you have to complete things on your time.  Not everyone will finish college by the age of 21 then be married and become a homeowner before they’re 30.  I (and so many other people I know) wasted so much time thinking I had a deadline which turned out to be an unrealistic timeframe for me and maybe not for someone else.  I can only live for me and under my terms.

I need to end this post so that I can catch up on the days I have missed.  If for any reason I fall behind again, please blame my mind and not my heart.

Love Yourself!

Written by: Maxx



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