(19th day, 346 days to go) Remembering what you’ve learned along the way and never forgetting them is the real challenge.

Random Things I’ve learned on my Journey..

  • Believe the phrase, “it’s never too late”
  • Your first love isn’t always your last
  • Not everyone that comes into your life was meant to stay in it
  • Don’t tell anyone your dreams
  • A woman can not change a man no matter how hard she tries. PERIOD!
  • I have more power over my life than I give myself credit for
  • I Love the beach
  • Your body is not the same as it was in your 20’s when you’re in your 30’s
  • I can do anything I put my mind to
  • Thinks a lot of women would be strippers if it wasn’t a bad thing
  • Food that smells bad doesn’t mean it won’t taste good
  • Always please yourself
  • You can’t please everyone
  • Would love to be more political but the whole process is kind of boring after a while
  • Every person has a little hate in them
  • Facebook, Twitter, & MySpace are time suckers
  • The older you get the less friends you will have
  • Not all money is good money
  • Classmates who don’t remember going to school with you is a good thing rather than being remembered as the class hoe
  • My baby daddy leaving me was the best thing he could have ever done for me
  • I have to Let Go in order to Let In
  • Negative thoughts equal a Negative environment
  • Don’t ever cry over money because it will never cry over you
  • Some of the richest people in the world are the loneliest
  • Just because some things are expensive doesn’t mean it’s the best quality
  • Armani jeans makes my butt look bigger
  • Learned a lot of life lessons watching the movie Eat. Love. Pray.
  • I’m addicted to peroxide
  • It’s only hair and it will grow back
  • Earrings enhances a woman’s beauty
  • People who claim they love you hate it when you become successful
  • Having a child doesn’t change a bad relationship
  • The way you are in high school determines who you will become as an adult
  • Eating Sushi will not kill you
  • Be thankful for all the good and bad things that happens in your life
  • Your parents are always right especially when you become one
  • Mother’s do know best
  • If more woman would have higher standards than more men will step up and be better men
  • Having a childhood now-a-days is almost obsolete
  • Oprah is a bad chick
  • Will have to continue this list on another post on another day

Love Yourself!

Written by: Maxx



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