Day twenty-one (Disgusted)

(21 days, 344 more days to go) Yuck!

I can’t believe how the media and these social networks have taken control of our personal lives.  Recently, I had to remove more than half of my “friends” off my Facebook list.  It was because I realized that some people who you think you know have used it to create an alter ego that they believe they are.  This medium has become a vehicle for people to become a narcissist in which they compile a list of “friends” who are easily impressed by their so-called fabulous life.  If you, as their “friend,” don’t abide by their stupid rules that they’ve made up in their heads, you face being cut from their exclusive list of admirers (in other words they will unfriend you).  (A Special Thank You goes to the ones who have unfriend me first and you know who you are.)

This leads me to why I’m writing today.  I am constantly watching popular television shows and frequently visit various websites by Bloggers to get an understanding of what people like.  I’m starting to believe that these Bloggers and executives in the entertainment industry are feeding us sh** and telling us that it’s really good and tasty.  Unfortunately, this society has become so lazy that we don’t take the time to research on our own basic information that affect our lives instead we believe everything posted on the internet.

As the economy gets worst, more people are finding ways to make fast money even if it means embarrassing themselves and their families.  Fifteen minutes of fame has increased to an hour and a half for overnight “celebrities” like the crew from Jersey Shore and Teen Mom.  I’m actually afraid for these overnight sensations once the world dumps them for another group of people looking to take their spot.

I bet you didn’t know that one of the members from Teen Mom admitted in court that she makes $120,000 a year for being a reality show “personality” and the Shore crew members make so much money that the Situation reportedly made $5 million dollars last year.  So why wouldn’t anyone want to make a fool out of themselves in front of millions of people for millions of dollars.

What angers me is that the show, Teen Mom, is supposed to discourage teens not to become pregnant at a young age.  Instead, there are reports that teen girls are finding out how to get on the show so that they can get pregnant and be featured.  The links below will tell you what will happen to these girls if adults like us don’t take it upon ourselves to teach our children how to make better decisions.

Our children will become exploited for the mighty dollar while we sit there as these shady television executives manipulate them to believe that they will make a difference when in reality they are hurting the situation.  More teens will become pregnant because they think a baby will change everything and if the girls on the show can do it why can’t they.

We can’t leave our children’s lives in the hands of the media and these social networks.  We shouldn’t allow our kids to have Facebook accounts or access to cell phones without supervising them.  We have too much to lose.

Love Yourself!

Written By: Maxx



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