Day twenty-five (Huh?)

(25th day, 340 more days to go) Do we really think that way? Yes, we do.

In my last post, I posted a video of a guy giving his view on what makes a man husband material. One point that I agree with is the part where he says, “if a man owes back child support then you shouldn’t marry him because if he can’t take care of his other family then what makes you think he will take care of yours.”

So many women (including myself) at some point in their lives think they can inspire a man to change by having a baby for him; pay all the bills alone while he gets back on his feet; or believe he can change his (extreme) circumstances.  I can go on and on but I don’t believe you should preach until your face turns blue either.

So, Dear Reader, if the signs are on the wall that he’s not a good guy then run…run really fast and don’t look back.  I know if I could tell my younger self a few things that statement should had been yelled at me several times in my life.

Love Yourself!

Written By: Maxx


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