Day twenty-six (Signs)

(26th day, 339 more days to go) Another one of my infamous lists…LOL


Red Flags that Tell You that He’s NOT the Man for You!

  • He’s on back child support
  • He never lived on his own and he’s 25+ years old
  • He rather gets paid under the table then get a real job
  • He dreams of winning the lottery rather than try to pursue a real career
  • His family constantly asks you, “Why are you with him?”
  • He thinks everyone is obligated to help him
  • He says: “My child doesn’t need me in their life because they’re young and will not remember if I was there or not”
  • He expects to be promoted to manager after his 90 day probation
  • He always puts other people down who are more successful than he his
  • He always wants what everyone else has but refuses to work for it
  • He tells you he has a kid after you’ve had sex with him
  • He tells you his Ex is jealous of you even when he has nothing going for himself
  • He tells you what he wants to do rather than just do it
  • He says your family hates him because they are jealous of him when he doesn’t have anything going for himself
  • He blames everyone but himself for his shortcomings
  • He spends all his money fixing his car rather than try to get another one
  • He rushes to help his friend in need and doesn’t do the same for you
  • He helps spend your money and keeps his in his pocket
  • He reads this list and says, “she doesn’t know what she’s talking about”

Love Yourself!

Written By: Maxx


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