Day twenty-seven (Growth)

(27th day, 338 more days to go) Growing Baby!

The other day I realized that I was stunting my daughter’s growth.  It all started when she asked me to make her a chicken pot pie for lunch.  I prefer to use the oven so I taught her how to prep foods for the oven.  She knows how to set the timer and turn on the oven but I don’t allow her to take the food out.  Well that all changed when I got out of the shower and saw that she was eating her lunch.  I was so shocked to see that she took it upon herself to take the pie out of the oven.  I started to freak out but when I saw that she didn’t see it as a big deal I stepped back.

I remembered how my mother held me back because she feared the worst about anything and everything that I wanted to do.  She was scared to register me for gymnastics because she feared that I would break my neck.  Then there was the time she didn’t want me to go away for college especially after she saw several news reports of murdered college girls.  For that, I make sure that I don’t put my fears on my child…at least I try not to.  It just didn’t make sense that I allowed her to put food into the oven but I didn’t trust her to take the food out.  What a way to teach your child half responsibilities.

We all do our best to raise our kids.  One thing is for sure is that we have to raise our children to be fearless so that they can become the person they are meant to be.  It’s part of growing up and sometimes fear is what prevents us from growing.  So, Dear Reader, let your child make their pie and eat it.

Love Yourself!

Written By: Maxx


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