Day 30 (FrIeNd)

(30th day, 235 more days to go) Loyal Friends!

It doesn’t matter who you think has your back because the loyalty and love you get from your dog is the most rewarding feeling to have.  Growing up, my mom always allowed us to have a pet, mostly cats and dogs.  There were always animals in our home.  Friends who often visited us were amazed how our dogs and cats got along except for when we had a pit bull.

Our dog, Maya became a part of our family months after my daughter’s father and I broke up.  It was a very sad environment in our home and my daughter began wetting the bed again.  Thankfully, one of my sister’s clients had her and was trying to give her away because her dog got pregnant unexpectedly.  As soon as my sister walked in her home, Maya ran right up to her licking her feet.  They say that you should let your pet chose you rather than you chose it.  I guess Maya knew she was choosing the right home for her.

Once we brought Maya back to our house, it became a Home again.  Our attitudes changed and we became happier.  I forgot how a puppy can bring you so much joy.  Shortly after Maya came into our lives, my daughter stopped wetting the bed and her focus was now on the dog.  Maya helped us deal with the break up and the separation from my daughter’s father.  No, the dog was not a distraction but it helped us heal and sometimes you can’t heal on your own.

Maya will turn 3 in a couple of days and we love her so much.  No matter where we are in the world, we owe her for the love she has given us and will be forever grateful for that.

Love Yourself!

Written By: Maxx




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