Day twenty-eight (Revenge)

(28th day, 337 more days to go) Success is the sweetest Revenge.


Never thought I’d be one of those Baby Mamas who would seek revenge against my Baby Daddy.  What turned out to be an act by a woman scorned actually helped me in the end.

Once upon a time, my Baby Daddy and I actually liked each other until we broke up one day.  I’m sure this is and was the story for many single moms out there.  For the next two years following our break up, I tried to maintain my composure with him.  Knowing him for so many years I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy.  I left the door open for him to be in our daughter’s life and on some days I wanted to shut the dang door never to open it again.

No matter how things went we couldn’t get along.  Whenever we spoke about money the name calling started and it had to stop.  So I went to the District Attorney’s office to file for child support.  It was a lengthy process but I was determined to have the state force him to take care of his child.  During the year it took to serve him, more and more promises to help me were constantly broken. That angered me and I couldn’t wait until the day they served him.

At the time I was working and managed to keep things together.  My intentions at the time was to make him pay.  I knew this would upset him and I really didn’t care.  Fast forward almost four years later and a court order for $49.00 a week, I now rely on those funds.  What turned out to be an act of revenge ended up helping me.  Had I not filed back then I wouldn’t have no income coming in.  I’ve done my share of odd jobs here and there but the $49.00 comes in handy.  Even though it’s spent the minute it hits my account, I can’t help but to think of the moms who don’t get anything at all.  Then those moms who get so much that they just live off of the support and never do anything with their lives like enroll in school or start their own business.

Some would say that amount couldn’t help them but my mother taught me that every penny counts.  This is so true because there was one time I only had about $3 left and my daughter needed some soap.  I was able to find it for $2.69 at Walgreens and after tax I had about 20 cents left.  She suffers from severe dry skin so she’s not able to use any kind of soap and if I didn’t have that money she would have had to shower with just water until the following week.

It’s more consistent now but it’s still hard for me to depend on it because I always expect for it not to come in.  As a single mom, you just learn to prepare for the worst…all the time.  It’s sad but that’s life and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

My focus now is my career and of course our daughter.  I know that being successful will be the sweetest revenge.

Love Yourself!

Written By: Maxx


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