Day 37 (Believe)

(37th day, 328 more days to go) Real vs. Reality.


I was at a local coffee shop the other day and overheard a conversation between two college girls.  They were in a mini study group and got off track for a moment. They began to talk about various reality shows and how they love to watch them because of the drama.

I couldn’t help but think that just maybe these girls were drawn to those shows because they had drama in their own lives.  What many young women don’t understand is that their environment influences their thoughts and behavior.  I learned this lesson in my relationship with my daughter’s father.  I always watched shows that dealt with relationships especially the negative ones.  Just by watching shows that dealt with issues such as cheating, divorce, and baby mama drama it influenced my thoughts and actions.  I became those people on the television screen and embarrassingly enough I quoted many of them too in arguments I had with my daughter’s father.

I no longer watch those types of shows (and it’s so tempting to flip to the channel to watch them) so that I can have a better perspective about relationships.

One of the girls eventually admitted that she and her boyfriend were having drama of their own.  In her defense, she claimed that she likes watching those shows because it makes her feel good that she’s not the only going through drama with her mate.  I guess it’s true that misery loves company.

Love Yourself!

Written by: Maxx


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One response to “Day 37 (Believe)

  • dailygazing

    Everyone’s got drama. Some are better at letting it out. Some stuff it in because that’s how they were raised. Some hire professional mourners (lots o’drama)! That’s drama for the inhibited. The drama I hear at Starbucks is crazy! I often wonder if people don’t realize we can’t help but listen…and then blog. I hope your drama dies down over time. Peace.

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