Day 40 (DejaVu)

(40th day, 325 more days to go) Haven’t I met you before?


It’s funny the amount of people who come in and out of your life.  There are those people who you see from your past who you are cordial to and those that you wish that they would slide down butt-ass naked on a razor blade and land in a pool of alcohol (Marlin Barnes, R.I.P).

I met someone who reminded me of a former friend who I have no plans of rekindling our relationship.  They both have the same mannerisms and personality.  I try not to prejudge people when I’m in this sort of situation and give them a chance to prove themselves.  However, I’m finding myself stepping back a little from moving forward with building a relationship.  The fear that I may make the same mistake again has settled in.  I know it’s not fair but I have to protect myself especially when it can cost losing everything again.

I’m in a situation where I know that I’ve worked so hard to turn my life around for the better and I’m not taking any chances to allow a person to screw that up for me.  I have Faith that I know better and that I will make the right decision for me.  So many of us try to please others when it’s not in our best interest and it sucks when we’re stuck in a situation that we could have prevented from being in. I hope that this can be a lesson for you too.

Love Yourself!

Written by: Maxx


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