Day 43 (Techie)

(43 day, 322 more days to go) What happened to my radio?

Glancing over my collection of 200+ CD case I can’t help but to remember the feeling I had when I purchased each one.  Now with iTunes and other online music stores where you can download your music, don’t you think it takes away from the excitement of ripping the plastic seal off your brand new CD.  What about your photo album that’s now replaced with an online gallery of all your precious photographs?  If you want to show off your child’s kindergarten graduation picture, you’re forced to whip out your iPhone and scroll through the thousands of saved pictures just to locate it.  Leaving the person standing there probably annoyed waiting to glance at the picture which will probably take about five seconds.

It’s great to see the advancement of technology but when you start to mess with things like choosing the sex of your baby then you’ve crossed the line.  The natural course to having a child is now being manipulated by those Biologists portraying themselves as a Higher Human Being.  The joy of parenthood is being ripped from us as well.

So for now, I’ll keep my CD case, photo album, Polaroid camera, and VCR player as long as I can.  Fifty years from now I’ll share it with my grandkids who will probably wonder what the heck was a Facebook.

Love Yourself!

Written by: Maxx


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