Day 48 (Rebecca)

(48th day, 317 more days to go) Overworked & Underpaid.

Do you know Rebecca Wells?  Well, I don’t expect you to.  I learned who she was when I read a story about her.  She was an employee with the Los Angeles County and known to her co-workers as a very hard worker who was always working.  Sadly, she passed away in her cubicle last Friday and wasn’t found until the next day.  No one had noticed that she died during the workday.

How many of us are guilty of running out of the office at quitting time?  I was always ready to leave the office especially on Fridays so I can imagine that I would have not noticed Ms. Wells if I worked in her department.

One of the many lessons I learned along the way is that you can’t allow stress from your job overwhelm you.  I can remember the times I came into work early and clocked out late just so that I could finish my work.  When it was time for a raise I expected an extra hundred dollars on my paycheck but was very disappointed to get only 33 cents on one job.  With taxes and medical insurance taken out, I barely noticed any extra money.

This particular manager who so generously gave me the 33 cents didn’t recognize the extra time I put in on my assignments nor the lunches that I missed to help out when she was out sick for an entire week.  Instead this Heffer told me that the company was suffering because of huge budget cuts. She failed to discuss the raise that she got which was her second within six months. I learned that I was the budget cuts she was referring to.

Since then I vowed that I would never go the extra mile for any company that I didn’t own.  No more taking work home or eating lunch at my desk.  I realized that if I died my family and friends would mourn.  Whereas my job would maybe send my family some flowers while running an ad for my position. I seen this happen working in Human Resources.  An employee who didn’t have any family members loved her job so much that in her will she requested to be buried in her uniform.  She said that her job was her family.

Yes, the company did send some flowers to the funeral home but the same day she passed away we posted her position on the job list.  She had worked for the company for more than 25 years and her years of service meant nothing.  So you see why I don’t bother to work myself to death.

Rebecca’s story will hopefully inspire all of us not only to take a moment to say goodbye to everyone at work but to wait for a response.

Love Yourself!

Written by: Maxx


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