(51st day, 314 more days to go) How loyal are you?

Remember when you were younger and you valued your friends more than your family members?  I remember one of my friend’s uncle telling us that you’ll be able to count your friends on one hand by the time you’re thirty years old. That’s not something you want to hear while your plans consist of spending so much time with your friends the only reason you go home is to change clothes.

Now I look back and I can’t help but to think how loyal I was to my friends.  I never got myself into a situation that tested their loyalty to me and in my mind it didn’t matter because I knew they always had my back.

Sadly, as you get older you can’t be so loyal.  More like, loyalty with limits.  If you have a mortgage to pay, your friend isn’t going to help you pay for it.  Your values and responsibilities change.  Can you imagine taking the wrap for a friend leaving your child behind? There’s more to lose when you’re older so if I could tell someone who’s in high school, I’d say learn to have your own back NOW!!

Love Yourself!

Written by: Maxx


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