Invest In Yourself!

(53rd day, 312 more days to go) Invest in Yourself!


53 days into the new year and the struggles continue.  So many decisions to make and mistakes to avoid.  Oh, how life would be so much easier if I had a crystal ball.

It’s also income tax season and for most single moms it’s that time of year to either catch up on your bills or catch up on your bills.  You only have one choice but weeks and sometimes months before the tax season starts you plan to buy something nice for yourself because you deserve it.  Everything runs smoothly, your child doesn’t need anything, and you’re convinced that you’ll be months ahead with a few more dollars in your bank account.  Your bank statement will finally not have any negative signs next to the ending balance.

There’s no luxury in buying the couch you’ve been wanting or replacing your dingy work clothes for new ones.  All goes well UNTIL a week before the check is deposited into your account.  You car breaks down, or your kid needs sneakers and an unexpected medical bill that your insurance doesn’t cover, then there’s nothing left over to start your savings account.

This year, why not consider investing in yourself.  No, I’m not saying to neglect fixing your car or getting the medical treatment your child needs.  If you can, invest in something that will move you forward whether it’s in your career or education.  It’s easy to neglect the most important person in your life…Yourself!  Don’t feel guilty and when you do invest in yourself know that when YOU are good then your child is good.

Love Yourself!
Written by: Maxx


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