Getting Off Da System

(54th day, 311 more days to go) Gotta love da system.

While living the so-called American Dream of owning a dream home, a nice car, and having a good corporate job I never imagined that I would need government assistance.  It wasn’t until a year after I lost my job that I attempted to apply for food stamps.  I was shocked when they didn’t approve my application because I made too much money receiving unemployment benefits.  Huh?  The fact that I was receiving money was the main reason they didn’t approve my application then on top of that I attempted to go back to school to get my Master’s degree.  The only reason I was going back to school is for the student loans.  I knew I was getting into more debt by taking out more loans but I needed the money to have some kind of income.  One recipient told me that according to the government if I’m able to go to school then I don’t need the help.  You can’t do or have anything that can move your life forward. It’s like you have to be 100% dependent on da system and they don’t offer programs that can make you 100% independent.  There’s no in between it’s either you’re on or off. Period! I thought getting government assistance was to help you so that you’re not on da system forever.  Talk about a rude awakening.

When my unemployment benefits ended I was approved for food stamps and Medicaid for my daughter.  It was very helpful and I understood how someone can get so dependent on it.  Imagine getting $300 worth of food for free every month and not having to pay a co-pay every time you visit the doctor or not have to pay out-of-pocket for your child’s medicine when they’re sick.

During my one year stint on da system, I learned that it’s set up to make you a failure IF you let it.  I shop differently now than I was on food stamps.  Before I was on food stamps I bought stuff that I needed and while on it I bought more things that I wanted.  IF you’re not careful you can easily be spoiled and LAZY. However, people who think that everyone on da system is Lazy needs to go sit and speak to people at the Food Stamp office for a day or two and they will come out with a different opinion.

I will admit that there were several recipients who clearly was taking advantage of da system.  One woman was upset because she had to get out of her bed to meet with her case worker to drop off documents she requested.  She expressed to her friend on her cell phone that she usually wakes up at noon before her son gets off of school.  Living off da system was her job and quite frankly, it was a tough a** job for her. smh

For some people da system is really helping them and for others it’s hurting their progress.  Thankfully, I jumped off the program and moved so that I could make a better life for myself and my daughter.  I have a temporary job but it is something that is helping me move forward rather than being at a standstill.

Another life lesson learned: Only YOU can be accountable for your progress.

Love Yourself!

Written by: Maxx


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One response to “Getting Off Da System

  • Jp

    That’s the best non political, no bs sum of what da system is. You made great points.
    1. You can’t do or have anything that can move your life forward.
    2. Learned that it’s set up to make you a failure IF you let it.
    3. The observation about those who choose to live on the system and how they find it hard to just go to the appointments. (hard as in I don’t get up till noon and can’t be bothered to go to the office to get my free food and benefits for my children).

    Another informative post.

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