Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

(158th day, 207 more days to go) More Excuses…

Things Your Child’s Father Will Say To You…Eventually:

  1. “I help when I can.” Reason: When you’ve given him reason to believe that he’s not helping you as much as you need it.
  2. “I wasn’t ready to be a father before but now I am.” Reason: He’ll probably tell you this when he’s trying to convince you to get back with him or asking you to take him off of child support.
  3. “I’m having a very difficult time right now.” Reason: One of the many reasons why he can’t help you at this moment. He acts as if he is not in the same recession with you.
  4. “I’m not the same person.” Reason: If he has to tell you that he’s changed then more than likely he hasn’t. You’ll see the change on your own.
  5. “I want to help you more than I did before.” Reason: If he’s never told you that then he’s probably trying to get something from you. Men know what words to use to get you to trust them again. Your reaction will be, “he’s never said that before.” If things don’t go downhill after telling your peeps this then that will be a first, it’s rare that he will keep up this new attitude.

Love Yourself!

Written by: Max-Laine


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