It Could Happen To You

(163rd day, 202 more days to go)…too!

The amount of crap I read on Facebook each day, I can’t help but to laugh at the things people say.  The most amusing comments that I read are from women who claim that “it” will never happened to them.  “It” being that the man in their life will never do this or that while being in a relationship with them.  I’m not wishing bad on those women but I would suggest to them to not put that kind of information out there especially about their relationship.

As a young woman, I learned to never use the word never because other people will hold it against you if it ever becomes apparent that your relationship has ended. It’s the worst feeling when one of your friends asks, “are you and so and so still together,” and you have to tell them, “no”.

Let’s be real, people who are not in a loving relationship or are single don’t like to hear other people talk about how great their relationship is.  I remember speaking to a gentlemen about a conversation he had with one of his female friends.  He was gushing over his new girlfriend with his female friend. I’m sure she was excited to hear how much he loves her while his female friend hadn’t been in a relationship in years.

Also, I’m sure someone else would say, “oh Max-Laine, it’s inspiring to hear such a lovely story about how two people have fallen in love.”  I can’t relate because it just reminds me that I go to bed by myself every night.

If I want inspiration on finding true love then I’ll go watch the movie The Notebook.

Love Yourself!

Written by: Max-Laine


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