(82nd day, 283 more days to go)…may pass you by.

I can’t believe how most people wonder why they can’t catch a break when all they think about is how much they’ll be paid for a FREE opportunity.  Instead, they should look at the bigger picture.  I understand that some of you may think that my thoughts on this may be over the top.  However, I’ve heard people constantly ask for an opportunity or watch them work their butts off on projects that may or may not go anywhere.  Then when you do give them a shot the first thing out of their mouth is, “how much does it pay?” it makes you not want to move forward with helping them.

No, I’m not saying that you should do any and everything for free without asking any questions and hope that something comes out of it.  Be patient and try not to ask so many questions because the offer may not come with all the bells and whistles at first.  You never know that person may be checking your ability to complete a task before they offer you other opportunities.  Especially, in this market where many people are creating jobs that are saving them from drowning in their debt.  Learn how to turn nothing into something.

Love Yourself!

Written by: Max-Laine


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2 responses to “Opportunities…

  • crazybabymamas

    I totally understand where you are coming from because I’ve been burned so many times. I would have never learned from those experiences had I not gone through them. However, we were in a position to offer an opportunity to several people that was actually Bigger than us. Those people were only concern about getting paid now when in reality they could have created a bigger opportunity AND promote their business/services. Hulk Hogan passed up an opportunity that was presented to him and a year later the George Forman Grill made millions. lol


  • a bird in the hand

    As a single mom and a die hard professional, how many times have people taken my good nature, my willingness to help and let me wear myself out so they can sit back and get all the glory. sometimes the bigger picture doesnt let you focus on whats important right now and the people that are lining their pockets on the side. i agree we should all plant seeds, but be careful where the shine comes from for your seeds to grow and the type of water you let get around your seed. alot of people talk big game and offer you the world when they need your help, so not every opportunity is a good one, just like every person is not a good one. a sincere opportunity will always come with a gesture (even a small one), something that will make me consider it.

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