The Artist Formerly Known As…

(83rd day, 282 more days)…Max-Laine

I guess every artist goes through a stage where they are trying to figure out who they are and this past weekend was one of those times for me.

At first, I struggled going back and forth with my name and wanted to stick to using my first name only.  Now that I’m out there, I’m finding it so easy to go back to my old way of introducing myself as good ole Maxx (with two X’s please).  One of the main reasons is because people automatically assume my name is Maxine which I hate for so many reasons.   Once you tell someone your name and they pronounce it incorrectly you instantly know that they’re not paying any attention to you especially, if they don’t ask you to repeat it.  Sorry, if your name is something easy like Bob or Beth but you’ve got it so easy.

Maybe I feel this way because I have a unique name and I’m sensitive about others who do too.  When I first meet someone and I realize that I can’t pronounce their name I’ll ask if they have a nickname and if not I will try my best to pronounce it.  It’s because I know I have a unique name so I’d want the same respect.  I’m sure Oprah was tired of people calling her Opera or Ofrah.  If a person can’t respect you enough to say your name correctly then why should you respect them.  Your name is everything! Period!

So, since I’m not as popular as P. Diddy…yet (LOL), I’m safe to change my name back to Maxx (with two X’s please).  However, the name change is as far as I will go so you don’t have to worry that I’ll somehow grow a beard and shave the word SLAVE on it.

Love Yourself!

Written By: Maxx (with two X’s please)

(better known as Max-Laine)


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