That Spot!

(86th day, 279 more days to go)…

I recently moved into a town where everyone is waiting for their Big Shot! You’ll find tons of people just waiting on the sidelines making plans on how they are going to take over the world once they get their chance to do so.  Most likely, those people waiting on the sidelines are waiting for an opportunity to take That Spot that someone else already occupies.

I remember working as a receptionist for an entertainment company back in the day.  There was this guy who worked as the Promotions Assistant for the Promotions department.  I always thought that he wasn’t working that position like I knew I could.  It was a great opportunity for someone like me who didn’t have any experience working in the entertainment industry.  About a month after I began working there, he left to go on tour with the talent.  Aha, finally it was my time to shine.

Weeks later, I learned that the position wasn’t all what I thought it would be.  No matter how much fire I had, it was doused from the sweat and tears from my hard work to make that position into some bigger opportunity.  At that time, I couldn’t understand how much of a fool I was to believe that the former Assistant wasn’t workin’ it. He was workin’ it in all the other areas of his life but lacked the drive when it came to that position.  He was going to school and working full-time and working another job to make some extra money.  The manager never complained about him even though he came into work tired every day.  No matter what the issue was, I just had to find out myself and work it…at least tried to.

Although, I got an offer to travel with the company too, I learned shortly after that I was pregnant with my daughter.  I ended up being laid off by the company along with a couple of other people.  I took the hefty severance pay with the unemployment benefits and moved back to Miami with my mom. Unknowingly, the journey of becoming a “Crazy” Baby Mama began.

Years later, I found out from my former boss that the guy ended up quitting because being on the road was too hard for him.  I lost track of him but I’m sure he’s found another spot to occupy.  LOL

Now it’s still the same story.  I constantly hear people say that they “can do better” than so and so or my favorite line, “If I was so and so, I’d have your career further than it is now.”  I say if you’re going to go after That Spot, be prepared to work it until the wheels falls off and even then keep pushing.

Love Yourself!

Written by: Maxx


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