(89th day, 276 more days to go)…For the past week, I was able to make some money on a temp gig and the opportunity to work overtime became available for the permanent employees.  You should have seen their faces when the boss announced that there would be an extra $100 bonus on top of the overtime.  I sat back and watched as each employee volunteered to work the next few Saturdays to catch up on piles of files that sat on each of their desks.

On top of one of the employee’s desk was about 86 files of clients that she had to process.  This single mother of two expressed that she needed the extra cash.  I calculated that each client was worth about $1.15 for the bonus.  To process one client took her about an hour so then you can break it down to $0.50 cents for labor and $0.65 cents per hour.  Then Uncle Sam will get a good chunk from the overtime pay through taxes.

She asked me if I would like for her to ask her boss to allow me to work too.  I politely said no and this confused her greatly.  I explained to her that I no longer worked overtime for any reason.  It’s because working overtime sucks you dry.  Over time you will lose time spending with your child.  Over time the extra money will help you spend more and incur more debt.  Over time the extra money will not last long.

I couldn’t help but to think of all the kids that were going to be left home on those Saturdays as their parents worked that much needed overtime.  The errands left undone.  Leashes on tables for dogs locked up in cages instead of running and pissing freely on their favorite tree next door.  Those employees who don’t know that SAT_is_UR_DAY!!!

After losing everything I worked so hard for, I made a promise to myself that I was going to live a simple, humble, and an extraordinary life.  I don’t want to drive in an expensive car with a high a** car note up to my home with too many bedrooms that my daughter and I don’t need.  Lastly, The Joneses are neighbors that I have no interest living next to ever again.

Love Yourself!

Written by: Maxx


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