(92nd day, 273 more days to go) One of the many road trips that I took during the time I was actually enrolled in school, I along with four other people drove in a mini-van from Miami to Tallahassee for FAMU’s homecoming weekend.  This was our first time going so we stopped in Tampa to pick up 7 more people in their mini-van who were knowledgeable of the town and the events that were going to take place.  It took us about 5 hours to get there but waited another eight hours for the other van of people to get ready to leave.  Not only that they had two extra people who invited themselves on to our van. There were a lot of hurry up and wait moments that took place the entire weekend.  We had to go everywhere the other van of people went when they were good and ready to which caused us to waist a lot of hours.  In the end, it was a horrible trip and I vowed to never take a long trip like that with more than one other person which is now my daughter.

The most insulting part of the trip was when one of the members from the other van called us tag-a-longs because we complained too much.  This brings me to my point of this post.

Of course, I was upset that she called us that but now I understand her point as it relates to my life now.  Not everyone can tag-a-long on your journey through life.  There are people and things that can hinder your growth.  Those tag-a-longs are those people who never offer to help you in your progress.  The tag-a-longs who don’t listen to you when you tell them your dreams until they see it becomes a reality.  Tag-a-longs that want to reap the benefits of your labor.  And soon enough you must let them go even though you want them to stay for the ride.  (In some cases, you may be the tag-a-long on someone else’s journey.  Boy, do I know how that feels.)

After all, I know that I am the only person responsible for my destiny.  No matter how much I fightt to keep people and things in my life, I have to be prepared that sooner or later I will be faced to make that dreadful decision to say good-bye…IF they’re lucky I say anything at all.

Love Yourself!

Written by: Maxx




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