Stupid Things You Do When You’re Young

(99th day, 266 more days) We all do it.

Stupid Things You Do When You’re Young

  1. Listen to people who are the same age as you and never experienced the things you are going through
  2. Apply for every credit card offer that’s mailed to you
  3. You think that paying the minimum balance for those credit cards is enough
  4. You think throughout your 20’s that you have enough time before you have to grow up and make adult decisions
  5. Finance furniture for your new place so that you can furnish your entire place rather than purchasing them one at a time
  6. You do things to impress your friends and people who you don’t like even though you can’t afford to
  7. Watch too much television rather than doing something productive
  8. Go to school for something you have no interest in because your career will make you lots of money
  9. Don’t listen to your parents when they are giving you valuable advice
  10. You think you’re invincible and nothing will ever happen to you
  11. You’re always around your friends and never go anywhere alone
  12. There’s always something bigger and better out there for you…at least that’s what you think…when it comes to dating, jobs, or opportunities
  13. You think money is the most important thing in life
  14. You think you have to accomplish everything before you’re 30 years old such as graduate from college, get married, and buy a house
  15. Money is no object especially working on minimum wage
  16. Saving money is not an option
  17. When you start a job you have a problem with working from the bottom up
  18. Still don’t listen to your parents after you’ve proved them right and they’ve said to you, “I told you so”
  19. You think you know everything
  20. You think you know better than people who are older than you
  21. You spend the money you receive from financial aide on trips rather than save it
Love Yourself!
Written by: Maxx

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