The Truth About Human Resources

(112th day, 253 more days) This list contains things I learned while working in the Human Resources (HR) industry for 7 years.  Helpful tips for those job seekers.

  1. HR is not there to help you keep your job.  If management is going to terminate you then let them.  It’s not worth working at a place that doesn’t want you there.
  2. Do not use their mental health services, i.e. Therapist, psychologists.  These services claim they are there for you whenever you need them and are Free because you pay for it through your medical benefits.  When you use their service they share information about you with your employer. If you need assistance, go and locate one on your own outside the mental health services that your company offers you.
  3. HR is there to cut costs.  The primary goal of most managers and directors is to keep costs down by eliminating positions within the company.  If they do this successfully then they’re able to give themselves a raise.
  4. They hold your resume for up to six months.  However, they will not call you if a position becomes available.  If a position that you’re qualified for becomes available months after you’ve applied it’s easier to post the position rather go through a pile of old resumes of people who may have already found a job.  No matter what always reapply.
  5. Job Fairs SUCK! A friend of mines said it best when she said, “Job Fairs should be called Job UN-fair.”  Those fairs allow companies to promote themselves and hand out key chains with their logos.  Hence, why they always refer you to their website rather than have you fill out an application or accept your resume.  If they do take your resume don’t hold your breathe and keep looking.  Usually there is at least one company at those fairs who are REALLY hiring and it’s usually not your ideal job.
  6. Depending on the state that you live in, it is illegal to provide your new or potential employer any information on why you are no longer working for the company.  I usually provided only your name, start and termination date, and your job title.  However, if you’re going for a job that is affiliated with your old job then more information will be given.  This applies to franchises and affiliated companies.  Check with your state for your rights and to verify what information your former employer can share about you.
Love Yourself!

Written by: Maxx 


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