Thanks, Oprah!

(119th day, 246 more days to go) An Update Status posted on our Facebook page.

We may not have millions of people who like this page (yet) or a stage to promote our daily messages but we are Happy & Humbled to have YOU! Thank you for joining our page & The Movement that we started to Encourage, Empower, & Educate ALL Mamas to learn to LET IT GO & to Become A Better Person! Thank you, Oprah Winfrey for teaching Us that we can Inspire from where we are today! We wish you the Best!

Love Yourself!

Posted by: Maxx


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Authors of the book, "Are You A 'Crazy' Baby Mama?" which is a handbook for Single Moms. We are single moms who have RE-defined "Crazy" and celebrate ALL moms. If you're "crazy" about your kids then you're probably a "crazy" baby mama. It's about taking something that's negative and turning it into something positive. No more drama for these "Crazy" Baby Mamas. View all posts by crazybabymamas

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