Movie Review: Hangover 2

(127th day, 248 more days to go)

I know that I’m late on this one but in case you’re one of the billions of people who hasn’t seen this movie yet, here’s my review.  Don’t worry, I’m not one of those movie critics who reveal what happens in the movie because I don’t like to read reviews from critics who do that.

If you’ve seen the first installment of Hangover, then you haven’t missed much in this one.  Just take away the Stripper and her baby and add a monkey and you got yourself, Hangover 2.  The writers didn’t stretch their creative muscle too far on this one.  I felt that they followed the same blueprint from the first one.  I loved the way they wrote the first one and thought it was creatively done.  I expected the writers to blow me away in the creative department but they fell flat.  No matter what, it was funny.

The only issue I had was the use of the “N” word by one of the Asian characters.  I’m not the biggest fan of using the “N” word and as a writer myself, I understand that certain dialogue has to be used in order to make sense.  I’ve written several scripts and based on the characters I have created I’ve had to use strong language to get my point across.  So in this case, I don’t think that they needed to use the word.  I kind of felt uncomfortable sitting among Caucasian people laughing at the drunk character yelling the word.  The more they used it the more uncomfortable I felt.  That’s just how I felt.  Watch it and YOU make your own judgment.

The highlight for me was Mike Tyson.  Every time I see him now-a-days, all I can do is smile.  That man has certainly changed his image around and he’s having a great time doing it.


Love Yourself!

Reviewed by: Maxx


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