Mali Music

(136th day, 229 more days to go) One of my favorite songs from his album


I stopped going to church a few years ago because I felt like I wasn’t getting anything spiritually from the churches I attended.  I found out last summer that the Bishop from the last church I attended admitted that he was gay.  This really messed my mind up because I had attended his church for two years.  I don’t hold anything against being homosexual but this Bishop (and I use the word loosely) was married with four kids.  Apparently, he always knew that he was gay but thought he could “cure” himself of his “gayness.”  He learned that you couldn’t but by then he had already been married twice and had children.

This has really tested my Faith in church but not in HIM.  I think everyone should try to grow spiritually on their own.  We can not expect these so-called leaders to have all the answers and help us in our times of need.  The fact that hundreds of followers believed and spent their entire life savings on the notion that the world would end last month indicates how much these “leaders” can misguide us if we are not careful.

I learned of this artist, Mali Music from a friend on Facebook.  She raved about his music because he performed at her church.  I ignored her request to listen to his music at that time.  That was the beginning of my distrust of churches so anything that reflected them was removed from my radar.  Now another friend reintroduced him to me.

I’ve listened to his entire album and it has spiritually inspired me.  It hasn’t inspired me to go back to church but it has put gospel artists back in my spiritual radar.

After the world didn’t end last month, I now know why my mother always told me that you can “pray” and have Faith anywhere outside the church even while you’re on the toilet.  Yes, my mother actually said that and I agree…Amen?!!!

Love Yourself!

Written by: Maxx


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