Dumb Things That We Do When We’re Dating Someone

(140th day, 225 more days to go)

“Dumb Things That We Do When We’re Dating Someone”

  • Adding your Boo to your credit card account as an authorized user
  • Buy furniture together
  • Get a dog
  • Invest in a Timeshare
  • Co-sign a car for him/her
  • Invest in their business
  • Not having agreements in writing
  • Add a phone line for him/her to your cellphone plan
  • Plan and pay for a trip months in advance
  • Tell them all your deep dark secrets that no one else knew
  • Lend them a large sum of money
  • Get them a job where you work or with your friends
  • Co-sign for one of their family members
  • Hang out with their mother every weekend
  • Become Best Friends with one or all of their siblings
  • Hang out with their friends
  • Become friends with all their friends on Facebook
  • Add him/her to your lease
  • Add him/her to your gym membership
  • Take them to your favorite spots/restaurants/stores
  • BONUS: Getting a joint bank account when YOU are the only one putting all the money into it.
Love Yourself!Written by: Maxx

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2 responses to “Dumb Things That We Do When We’re Dating Someone

  • Laurice

    this blog should anyone print out and installed on every traffic light in the city

  • Anonymous

    well im dating/living with my ex husband who is my babys father. For right now, the only thing he gets mad that i dont do is hang out with his mom or like his sister. When we were married I did when we lived near them. Now, he doesnt talk to my family, I dont associate with his due to some recent drama, so Im pretty much done with them. Hes wanting to barrow my car from me and Ive already loaned him almost 500.00 he hasnt yet to pay back or offered. He thought because we were together its for our relationship/future. NO!

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