Why Reality Shows S-U-C-K…sometimes

(145th day, 220 more days to go)  Hey there!  I’m gong to start a new segment called My Realty TV about the reality television shows that YOU watch.  Yes, in most cases I will have to sit through the shows to be able to give a review on them so know it’s all for the love of research. (wink wink)

Most importantly, my intent is to show you why it is important to keep more scripted shows on the air instead of some of these reality shows.  Nowadays, you can’t tell them apart.  I can’t believe how many reality shows pop up every week only to fry the little brain cells we have left from too much Facebook and any other social media networks out there.  Our social life revolves around the time and day these shows air.  Remember, when you wouldn’t leave your house on a Thursday night because you knew The Cosby Show was on at eight.  Yeah, it’s like that but worst. At least we had six other days to do stuff.

I’m hoping that in due time, viewers will demand more quality shows like Parenthood and funny shows like How I Met Your Mother to replace the not-so-entertaining-but-morelike-degrading reality shows.

I know what you’re saying, “but they are entertaining” or “they take my mind off of my reality.” Those reality shows like Shark Tank, Amazing Race, or any other show that can inspire me or learn from are what reality shows should be.  Since Real World aired, reality shows have taken a life of its own.  For instance, when the very first season of Real World  New York aired in 1992, it was suppose to be a social experiment type of show to see how 7 random people with different lives could live together.  After the show, you probably didn’t see those people anymore.  I probably can count on one hand who has made a career out of appearing on the earlier reality shows.

Fast forward almost 19 years later, where now if you appear on a reality show you automatically become a “personality” or “character.”  You’ll hear about these “characters” renegotiating their contracts to appear on another season for their reality shows or paid appearances at clubs.  Umm, only actors are “characters” so why should anyone believe the things that goes on these shows.  Everyone is starting to realize that drama is what pays the bills for these “characters” and it’s taking away from television writers whose livelihood depends on keeping their show on the air.  With so much competition out there with television shows being replaced by reality shows, it’s making writers like me harder to get our big break.

So I understand why YOU love watching these shows but those other network shows don’t get the recognition they deserve because they’re overshadowed by Snooki. LOL  Look what’s happening to all the soap opera shows.  That should be an indication where television’s headed.

I’m learning more each day as I try to “pitch” my ideas that executives are all about making the dollars work for them and the networks they serve.  Some want to change the world by putting on quality shows but realistically they are hard to find and if someone knows one tell them to call me.  SERIOUSLY! 

 “Nowadays, it’s not about WHO you know, it’s WHAT you got!! Welcome to the real Hollywood, people.”~MaxLaine, Author/screenwriter

Love Yourself!

Written by: Maxx


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