My Reality TV, ep. 1

(146th day, 219 more days to go)

First up on this segment, is the producers-who-want-you-to-believe-this-is-not-a-scripted-show, Basketball Wives.  I’ve watched, er, I mean researched this show since the first season and all I can say is that they are nothing but a bunch of eating-lunch-go-for-drinks-fighting-every-minute-about-some-damn-circle broads.  I mean every episode has someone eating and sipping on a drink.  It’s funny how the second episode had Suzie and Royce going to the tennis court then they caught up later, you guessed it, EATING.  I guess the producers had to write it in the script for them to be somewhere else other than a restaurant.  Oops, did I say that out loud.

The part for discussion is on (Season 3) episode 3 when Royce and her dad discuss her new relationship and she begins to cry (didn’t see any tears but okay).  Poor Royce feels lonely because she has a huge house that she hates cleaning and living in all by herself.  Huh? You mean that’s a problem in THIS economy.  Boy, Royce, I really wish I had that problem.

One last thing, is it me or does anyone else don’t believe that Evelyn and Chad are really going to have a baby.  If you watch the show, watch how they look at the camera and have a smirk on their face the entire time they’re speaking to their doctor.

Please don’t take my reviews literally because I’m sure I’ll hear the you’re judging people lecture.  My immediate response is, Oh, please!! If you put yourself on any of these shows then you’re up for discussion just like any television show.  People talk about characters on television shows as if they were real people now we can talk about real people acting like characters.

Overall, the show is entertaining if you like the stupid-catty-things-women-do because (sarcastically speaking) watching anything with a storyline like Grey’s Anatomy or Brothers & Sisters (which was sadly cancelled) instead of reality shows aren’t worth watching nowadays. smdh

Reviewed by: Maxx


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