Who Is Amber Rose?

(148th day, 217 more days to go)

Every morning before I start my day, I like to visit a couple of websites to get the daily local, world, and my favorite, entertainment news.  This broad Amber Rose keeps popping up and I almost fell out of my bed when I saw that she was the headliner on one particular website.  I started to think, “how is this chick getting so much publicity when I can’t get that much love for our book which is putting the spotlight on a social issue?” 

Well it’s because she has an upper hand on how to pimp the system.  She’s a former stripper who used to date Kanye West.  I’m nowhere near of becoming a stripper and I don’t think I’m Kanye West’ type.  However, I’ve peeped her game and I’m not hating on this girl anymore.  Take a look how I strip it down for you:

  1. Her EXTENDED 15 minutes of fame.  As a stripper you need to know how to work it.  Think about it.  She had to maintain a client’s attention for long periods of time until she could milk them out of their money. Oh, I see.  That’s how she’s been able to milk her 15 minutes of fame.  For example, at one club appearance she made ten thousand dollars for a couple of hours of work. Isn’t that the same amount of hours a stripper puts in?  I’ve read comments that expressed outrage and ill feelings towards her but the fact that these people took the time out of their lives to log a comment shows advertisers that there’s interest in her.  Heck, I’m dedicating a post to her. Cha-ching!!
  2. She has ASSets.  Let’s face it, sex sells and by working in the sex industry she knows the formula to get a rise out of men.  In her case, it’s definitely not about the beauty rather it’s about the booty like Mike Epps once said in a movie.
  3. A stripper gets what she wants.  There’s been talks of producing a reality show for her and executives are still wondering if her show will be successful while they are shooting the show.  Let me tell you, executives are not shooting anything until they are 100,000% sure that the show is going to make them money.  I can see her manipulating those executives into helping her get the show on the air with the sexy talk she probably used during lap dances.  Most of these married executives have children and Ms. Amber can bring a little excitement to their workload.  It’s like she’s giving them a lap dance without actually dancing on their lap.  They know it’s not a good idea to do the show but if someone is whispering in your ear making you feel special wouldn’t you just go with it.  Suckers!! LOL!
  4. She has a new pole to work with.  The pole she’s working on is called the Media.  Anyone who can work a pole can grab your interest instantly no matter how holy you think you are.  She continues to swing from one website to another and one network to another and one rapper to another.  It’s a routine that she’ll have to dance for as long as she can.
Like all things her run will have to end…maybe.  The DJ will have to shut the music down. Every stripper will have to give the owner their cut for the night. Also, the owner will go home happy.  Unfortunately, the girls who look up to her ONLY see the glitz and fame rather than women like Michelle Obama or any other positive female role model.<—-that’s another post for another time.
Love Yourself!
Written by: Maxx 

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