Caylee Marie Doe

(155th day, 210 more days to go)  I’m disgusted right now that a person who calls herself a mother is able to walk away free because of a justice system that created a phrase called Reasonable Doubt.  Yes, I’m talking about that chick Casey Anthony and if it wasn’t for the Law where I could be prosecuted for suggesting a criminal act against her, I’d say a few wishful things on the public’s behalf.  As a mother myself, I use the term mother very loosely when I’m referring to Casey.

When I decided to post my reaction to the verdict, I couldn’t find the strength to include her last name with the precious life that’s been taken away from Caylee.  She will never have a first day in kindergarten or walk across the stage to get her high school diploma.  Instead, her murderer will remain unknown to the public but not for Casey.  She knows something because a real mother wouldn’t led investigators on a wild goose chase to find their daughter who they claim to love so much.  A mother who has so much love for her daughter that she was found partying 30 days after she’s reported missing.  A mother who has her child’s hair in her car trunk only to be found dead blocks from her parent’s house.  A mother who only cries real tears when she is found Not Guilty when other times her tears seemed forced.

I can go on and on about this case but this post is to ignite a fire in you that will never allow the spirit of Caylee Marie die like she did.  So when you turn on your television and you see that they’re promoting a made-for-tv movie about this case…don’t watch it.  If you walk into a bookstore and see that they have a book for sale based on the Casey Anthony’s story…don’t buy it.  Just don’t support anyone or network who would want to profit on this sad story because in my opinion they are just as Guilty as the person who killed her.


Love Yourself!


Written by: Maxx


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