You Talking To Me?

(163rd day, 202 more days to go) I read somewhere that a writer suggested that people who collect unemployment have become very lazy.  Considering I was on unemployment for almost two years, I would like to chime in with my two cents.

Let’s take a look at the word Lazy shall we.  During my stint on unemployment, I consistently submitted my resume for jobs daily and sometimes I never received a response. When I did get a call back for a possible interview, they would prescreen their applicants.  I would breeze through the interview until they asked me if I had any knowledge of a specific software.  I reluctantly had to reply with a no. The person on the other end would tell me that I didn’t qualify for the position. This would leave me discouraged.

The next thing I tried was to “dumb down” my resume so that it would look like I didn’t have a lot of work experience nor a college degree. This made things worst because the jobs paid less.  No I wasn’t being picky but when you’re a single mom you have to always factor in cost for after-school care or babysitting.  When I did, it turned out that my entire income would go towards after-school care if I took a minimum wage job.  Sadly, it was cheaper to stay home.

With so many obstacles in a person’s way to get a job now-a-days, it leaves the person discouraged from looking.  In most cases, you receive more money from unemployment than a real job.  The unemployment is consistent and you’re able to stretch every penny.  Besides, I did work for this benefit and I needed it at the time unlike so many people out there who are abusing da system.

So, I resent the writer for calling someone like me, Lazy.  I’m sure the writer was well qualified to label us Lazy.  I would bet all my pennies that while they wrote the article they enjoyed their air-conditioning in their four bedroom house drinking their tall glass of lemonade as their well-groomed poodle slept on their bearskin doggie bed next to their silver plated water bowl. #shrug

Love Yourself!

Written by: Maxx


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