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(170th day, 195 more days to go)


Whenever you bend over backwards for your Baby Daddy and he consistently disappoints your child eventually you’ll end up with back pains and a child crying for their dad. We can only do so much to make it easy for them to be in their child’s life. In the end, your child will see who is really there for them.


Love Yourself!


Written by: Maxx


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  • crazybabymamas

    It never amazes me how some parents can’t provide the bare minimum for their children when I’ve gone thru the same thing. Just like you @Anonymous, I feel guilty about the choices I’ve made in my life but having a beautiful daughter isn’t one of them. I appreciate the $49.50 a week child support payment (50 cents goes to the state for Processing Fee) but it’s sad that I still have to hear complaints when there are so many other fathers who try to be in their child’s life but their child’s mother gives them so much problems. I’ve done all I can and the moment I can’t do something like pay her cell phone bill then I’m accused of keeping our child away from him. You’d think that maybe he would walk in a store and pay for it himself but no he rather go and tell anyone who will listen to discredit me. I learned to Let It Go and act “Crazy” towards myself. I hope you and the many people who listened to me on the Rico and Mambo show will do the same. MaxLaine aka Maxx

  • Anonymous

    I heard your story on the Rico and Mambo show this week. Now as I read your blog, I am amazed as to how your story sounds just like mine…. The only difference is that I have two children by my ex and one has a chronic illness and requires daily medicine to stay alive.. so here I am struggling to not only buy the day to day stuff my children need but also the medicine my daughter needs..
    All this with out their dad’s help, since he does not pay his $100.00 per child monthly child support…yes!!! That is $200.00 total for both children and he can’t even pay that…
    I see myself in you…. doing it on my own. I have been to hell and back, no car at times but managed to keep my job by taking the bus to the sitter and to work… I realize I am a better person with out “him” but it saddens me that he is not around for my children…. I find myself feeling guilty and responsible for what he is not doing for them… I feel guilty to have picked such a looser to be my children’s father… but I feel blessed to have the two beautiful children I have… not sure where I would be if I did not have them….

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