Basketball Wives Season 3 Episode 9

(173rd day, 192 more days to go)  Please don’t be mad at me for not posting any updates for Basketball Wives or any other reality show because I don’t have cable.  No need to start a fund to help me get cable but it works out better this way.  Without cable, life is great on the pockets and on my social life…whatever that is.  Enough about me not having cable, so let’s get back to the episode of Basketball Wives when the ladies return from their trip from Italy.

The part I’d like to discuss is the part when Evelyn’s daughter, Shaniece graduates.  It really hurt me when her birth father didn’t bother to show up for the event.  In addition to that, her step-father who had been the most significant father figure in her life decided not to attend also.  I give him a pass (even though I still think he should have attended) because he doesn’t have any obligation to her since he is not her biological father.  It brought attention to my situation.   Despite that my daughter’s father and I don’t argue like we used to there is always that chance he can get mad at me and express his anger by not participating in something that is important for our daughter.

For goodness sake, this was the girl’s high school graduation and there shouldn’t have been no reason for him to miss that day.  His absence signified his maturity level because his actions says,  “I hate your mother so much that I can’t suck it up for a couple of hours to be there for you.”  I’m sure no one was expecting him to be lovey-dovey with E so it would be very interesting to hear the reason he will give her as to why he didn’t attend the only high school graduation she will ever have.

Let this be a lesson to BOTH parents that your actions will always cause a reaction.  You may think that you’re hurting the other person but your child is the real victim.  It doesn’t matter how you get there just be there for your child.  So suck it and smile, dammit.


Love Yourself!


Written by: Maxx



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