Movie Review: The Smurfs

(174th day, 191 more days to go)

I went to see the movie The Smurfs yesterday with my daughter.  Before I tell you whether I liked it or not, I have to say that I am not a big fan of resurrecting television shows or remaking movies that were blockbuster hits during my childhood.  In my opinion, it really shows the lack of creativity from the writer and production company who puts the film together.  I can understand being inspired to create a movie or show based on an old one but if it has already been done then it don’t do it again.  Which leads me back to The Smurfs.  I can’t give you too many details about the movie because I fell asleep about 30 minutes into it.  From what I saw, the trailers leading up to the premiere were more interesting.  I was highly disappointed because I loved watching the show as a kid on Saturday mornings.  If my poor review doesn’t mean anything to you then I have to tell you that my 11-year-old daughter gives it a 1 out of 5 (5 being the highest).  In the history of us going to the movies, the last time she gave a movie a one was when we went to see Wall-E.

*RATING: Skip It

Review by: Maxx

Rating Description:

See It = recommended to Go See It

Skit It = recommended NOT to Go See


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