Teen Mom Season 0 Episode 0

(181st day, 184 more days to go) In my opinion, this show should not air at all.  I have watched the show along with 16 and Pregnant and I am familiar with all the Moms.  In the beginning, I was interested to see if these Moms faced the same issues that I face as an adult.  Within the first few episodes, they dealt with child support, their unrealistic expectations for their child’s father, and dealing with their emotions.  Those issues alone are featured in my book.

I believed that it was a good idea to have this kind of show on but feared that many teens would think it’s cool to get pregnant.  Three seasons later my nightmare became a reality because there are message boards that gives teens pointers on how to get on the show.  Not too long ago becoming pregnant as a teenager was a bad thing.  Now, I blame the media and various websites who glamorize teen pregnancy and feature teen moms, like Bristol Palin, on the cover of magazines alongside celebrities.

Here’s my breakdown of each mom:

Amber: She’s pimping the show along with her Baby Daddy  just to make sure the check continues to come in.  Don’t believe me, watch whenever she cries.  I never knew that a person could cry without tears.

Maci: She needs to focus on getting her life together rather than trying to start a relationship with another dude.  If Kyle really loves her then he will wait until she finishes school to begin their life together.

Farrah: Also known as, The UNgrateful One.  The way she speaks to her annoying and meddling mother is unacceptable especially since she lives in her house probably rent free.  I’m sure in reality that the payments they receive from being on the show balances their living arrangement just fine.

Catelynn: I can’t imagine how life would be after giving up a child for adoption.  No matter what you or I may think about her situation, it does take “something” to say that you are unfit to be a good mother and handing your daughter off to strangers to raise her.  So, I’m keeping my opinions to myself.

A word of advice to those teen girls who are looking for a way to get on this show: if you’re looking for something to have that will love you, I suggest that you get a dog.

Love Yourself!

Reviewed by: Maxx

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