Thank You’s

(186th day, 179 more days to go) Just a little note to our Friends & Followers

It’s been over a year since we started our Facebook page , Twitter account, and now “Crazy” Baby Daddies.  We are so appreciative of ALL of our FB Friends & Followers who support our book and our mission.  We are expecting BIG things to happen over the next several months and eventually, our page and website will become BIGGER than ever before.  Before this happens we want to say THANK YOU to those Friends & Followers who always comments and “LIKE” our posts.

—————————–In NO Particular Order——————————–

Thank You!

Ginette A.

Jessica P.

Sabrina S.

Melinda T.

Avonea R.

Khadija M.

Kristy M-P.

Sara A.

Mecca A.

Bridgette C.

Kat S.

Katherine V.H.

Krystin B.

Monica C.

Lizz R.

Sharla W.

Jillian Y.

Kimberly K.

Brynn E.

Araceli V.

Kimya B.

Jade S.

Misty R.

Jamie J.

Hood G.

Juanita F.

Tiffany C.

Jazmin N.

Jahayla M.

Saleemah S.

VanessaLuv’in A.

Dina G.

Elena M.

Nancy C.

Mirlande M.

Yvette B.

Lisa R.D.

LaGuardia C.

Tikisha A.

Anthony F.

Dat G.

Kristi H.

Millie H.

Chris D.

Justice H.

Kita K.

Tiffany C.

Renae N.

MyMy M.

Cheryl V.

Jodie B.

Minni S.

ChiChi R.

Muriel D.

Lydia R.

Samantha S.

Shantavia B.D.

Brandy N.M.B

Maria D.L.L.

Aaron A.

Esther B.

MsSarcasm R.

Amois E.

Angelina S.

Kendra S.

Tenika T.

Candis J.

Latoya S.

Warm H.

Becky H.

Leslie N.

Che’ H.

Fajr L.

Ashley S.

Mary T.

Tonisha W.

Jessica R.

Gloria G.

Conversation E.

Yolanda L.

Amy W.

Nicole S.

Heidi B.

Cara C.


Patricia D. (R.I.P)


The Original “Crazy” Baby Mama

Marie Edwards (R.I.P)

Our Twitter Followers:











If by any chance we forget your name, please don’t blame our hearts but our minds.

Thank You!!


About crazybabymamas

Authors of the book, "Are You A 'Crazy' Baby Mama?" which is a handbook for Single Moms. We are single moms who have RE-defined "Crazy" and celebrate ALL moms. If you're "crazy" about your kids then you're probably a "crazy" baby mama. It's about taking something that's negative and turning it into something positive. No more drama for these "Crazy" Baby Mamas. View all posts by crazybabymamas

2 responses to “Thank You’s

  • provera

    Really great article with very interesting information. You might want to follow up to this topic!?! 2012

  • Ginette

    SO very proud of you young crazy baby mama’s for what you provide to other mother’s going through the same struggle & issues; You give a voice of what it really mean to be a CRAZY BABY MAMA of loving your kids that fiercely !!! I appreciate and will say it out loud !! ❤

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