Things You Can Do When You’re Single

(192nd day, 173 more days to go)  Here are some things you can do when you’re single that you will have to change once you get into a relationship.  So LIVE Happily Single until then.

Things You Can Do When You’re Single

  1. You don’t have to worry about taking an Aids or pregnancy test. (SN: This is when you’ve taken these tests several times AFTER your last relationship to make sure you’re good and this ONLY works if you’re Happily Single & Sexless)
  2. When the holidays or special occasion comes around you don’t have to buy a gift for someone
  3. Don’t take a shower everyday. For the ladies: Shaving and waxing often is not necessary
  4. Post whatever pictures you want on Facebook/Twitter cause you don’t have to worry what your significant other will think or if they will get mad
  5. You can have as many friends of the opposite sex as you want
  6. You don’t have to “check” in with anyone
  7. Your motto is: It’s about Me, Myself, and I
  8. You can watch your favorite television shows without any interruptions
  9. Do the things YOU like to do
  10. You can learn to Love Yourself again
Love Yourself!
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