Heyyy, Mr. Relationship “Expert”

(209th day, 156 more days to go) I am so sick of walking into the book store to see self-help books for women written by men.  Yes, it’s okay to get the male perspective from time to time but now they are going overboard.  Every season there seems to be that one guy who will (C0-) write a book that will hit the New York Times Best Seller’s List, get a movie deal about the book, then host a television/radio show based on…you guessed it, the book.  This season there’s more than that one guy.  I’m starting to believe that they see SUCKER written on ALL our faces, Mamas.  So, female authors like myself are going to be pushed to the side because these men have found a way to manipulate us to buy their book.  Oh yes, I use the word manipulate because most of those authors who suddenly have become Relationship “Experts” have admitted that they were once a cheater, abuser, or a gigolo.  If they have all this experience with mistreating women and have used them to give them money in their past then why wouldn’t they use those same tactics to sucker us into buying their books. Hmmmm, marinate on that thought.

I thought it would be a good idea for me to REMIX some of those famous titles and come up with my own book.  Here they are in no particular order:

  • He’s Just Not That Into You/REMIX Title: Hell, I Wasn’t Feelin’ You Like That Anyway!!
  • Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus/REMIX Title: Understanding The Male Species OR Just Get A Vibrator And Call It A Day
  • Never Satisfied: How & Why Men Cheat/REMIX Title: Snapped: How & Why Women Kill
  • What Daddy Never Told His Little Girl/REMIX Title: How to Find That Little Girl’s Daddy, First? 
  • Get Out Of Your Own Way/REMIX Title: MOVE, Bitch!
  • Letters To A Young Sister/ REMIX Title: Do You Even Date Sistahs?
  • Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man/REMIX Title: Why Do I Have To Think Like A Man?—–ooops, title already taken by who again?? My bad! #shrug
For those of you who are fed up like me, please join me on Twitter @iammaxlaine & join our new Book club called W.A.M.W.W.B.F.W which stands for Women Against Men Who Write Books For Women.  Thank You!
Before I end this entry, I must include this disclaimer: The book titles mentioned above are For Entertainment Purposes Only
Love Yourself!
Written by: Maxx

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