Somewhere In The World…

(210th day, 155 more days to go)

Somewhere in this world is a Mama preparing to graduate after attending school for so many years. She juggled her own homework, kids, and a full-time job so she can make a better life for herself. She remained focus so that she can be an inspiration for her children to teach them to NEVER give up on their dreams & goals no matter how long it takes to accomplish them. On the other side of that world is her Baby Daddy who forgot that he once told her, “You ain’t never going to be sh** without me” but now changes his tune by telling her, “I ALWAYS knew you could do it.”


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Authors of the book, "Are You A 'Crazy' Baby Mama?" which is a handbook for Single Moms. We are single moms who have RE-defined "Crazy" and celebrate ALL moms. If you're "crazy" about your kids then you're probably a "crazy" baby mama. It's about taking something that's negative and turning it into something positive. No more drama for these "Crazy" Baby Mamas. View all posts by crazybabymamas

One response to “Somewhere In The World…

  • Nisaa

    Yes, just like you mentioned (great picture with the swings) somewhere in the world, each day it happens a woman, single mother, struggles and wonders “lawd, how am I going to do this, how am I going to make it”..Then with hard work, faith, determination, releasing her tears/fears, and a wonderful support system…..

    It’s amazing with your comment about “I knew you could do it”. how the same people (sometimes your baby daddy) can say such negative things (showcases the low esteem they internally have) those same people turn around and say “I knew you could do it”. I think because even though they tried to break you down, they did know you could do it. They never said “I’ll be the one to make sure you reach the finish line” But they see the potential in you, and it’s scary for them to look at everywhere your going, when their life is standing still. So, they attack you verbally.
    I also know some people who said they finished the goals they had cause that “hater” ‘s words, was pushing them to prove to the hater, that “they could do it”. So, sometimes it’s like for some people they say “thank you for being so negative, I DID IT NOW WHAT”.

    Love you all’s blog!

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