Dear “Crazy” Baby Mamas…

(228th day, 137 more days to go)


Dear “Crazy” Baby Mamas:

A friend of my Baby Daddy told me that he recently moved upstate to be with this random girl with 4 kids by 4 Baby Daddies. I’m sitting here shocked that my daughter’s father is taking care of this woman and her four kids. He has not seen or called to check up on our daughter at all. It hurts me that he can pick up the pieces for some random chick he recently met online. I know I’m going to snap on him if I ever see his ass again.

CBM Response: Umm, I really need you to step away from this page and breathe woman. Unless you are Patti from that Bravo show, Millionaire Matchmaker then you have no business knowing who your Baby Daddy is dating. Okay, at least not be too focused on it since you may be concerned who he brings around your child. You shouldn’t worry what’s happening under this woman’s roof. Stick to what’s going on under your own roof, Boo Boo especially since you have no control on what goes on there. Sounds to me that if you don’t see him soon you’ll have a lot of emotions bottled up which is NOT healthy for you. LET IT GO. Besides, more than likely he is looking for an easy way out of having the attention on him. (See Chapter 4, It Is What It Is, of our book, “Are You A ‘Crazy’ Baby Mama?” THE BOOK) With all those kids, I’m sure she already knows what type of man she has in her hands and YOU do too so why are you trippin’? The only person left to see him in his TRUE form is your daughter and she will have to do it on her own. So in case he doesn’t get his act together by the time she is a teenager then you need to be ready to wipe her tears away.


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