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Introducing: Authors & “Crazy” Baby Mamas

MaxLaine aka Maxx  is an author, screenwriter, producer, and most important, a single mom.  Upon losing her job, home, and car while raising a child in a horrible economy, MaxLaine decided to co-author a book to encourage single moms to improve their lives while dealing with her own personal issues.  Currently, she is shooting a documentary and producing a reality show.  She earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Communications from Florida International University.  Also, she lives in Los Angeles, California with her 11-year old daughter and their dog, Maya.  Follow her on Twitter: @IamMaxlaine

Melanie BentMelanie Bent is a Senior Software Consultant turned author from Queens, New York.  While working on her Master’s in Health Law, she focuses on giving back to others through philanthropic activities to educate others about creating a better life for themselves and their children.  Self-proclaimed “Hustla” and single mom, she believes working and studying hard and making a way out of no way so that she can provide for her son.  In her spare time, she enjoys photography and writing poetry.  She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her six-year old son and their dog, Izzy.


2 responses to “About Us

  • Nisaa

    Wow, I will have to check this out more, as we have very similar titles and mantra’s “take the situation you have, and maximize it into something greater”.

    Good job on you two partnering together!


  • The Crazy Baby Mama

    wonderful site, ladies !

    the crazy baby mama (from blogspot)

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