Dear “Crazy” Baby Mamas

(234th day, 131 more days)

Dear “Crazy” Baby Mamas:

My daughter’s father was in and out of our daughter’s life for the first 2 years of her life before he completely stopped coming by. Now, she is 4 years old and wants to start seeing her again. I just started dating this guy and I think that my daughter’s father will start some drama between us since he just broke up with his girlfriend. I know my daughter needs her dad in her life but I’ve been there for her since day one. I don’t understand WHY he wants to come back and wish that he would stay far away from us. Am I wrong for feeling this way?

CBM Response:

No you are not wrong for feeling the way you feel towards your child’s father. You’ve been there for your daughter since she was born so you’re probably used to him not being there. Then the very moment you seemed to have moved on with your life there he goes popping up at your house demanding to see HIS daughter. Like, Really? It’s like our Baby Daddies can sense that we are happy all of a sudden but when we are not happy they are no where to be found. lol. Well, I wouldn’t worry about him starting any drama between you and your new Boo because if you give him any warnings then you’re actually giving him permission to start some drama. Think about it. If you tell him that you’re in a new relationship and you want him to respect it then he will start thinking that you still care about him. The fact that you give any energy to discuss the potential drama before it actually happens is giving the situation ammunition so let him see for himself that you and your daughter are fine. Don’t give him that much consideration especially since he hasn’t given you and your daughter any. Try to think positive going into the situation BUT the moment he starts some sh** then let him know at that very moment that you’re not effin’ around. Just continue being “Crazy” for your daughter and as always for Yourself.


Somewhere In The World…

(233rd day, 132 more days to go)

Somewhere in the world is a Mama who no longer “cares” about herself. She doesn’t speak to her girlfriends at all or go to the hair salon for her weekly hair appointments anymore. Instead, she focuses on her kids by taking them to their after-school activities everyday, spends an extra hour on their homework with them, and have “Mommy & Me” time throughout the entire weekend she’s off. On the other side of that world is her Baby Daddy who is attending his best friend son’s birthday party along with his “new” girlfriend.

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Happy Thanksgiving 2011

(232nd day, 133 more days to go)

Cheers to the “true” meaning of Thanksgiving:

*Stuffing our faces on the ONE day we give ourselves permission to
*Sending “Happy Thanksgiving” text messages to people you normally don’t talk to but for some reason you still have them listed in your phone
*Watching Football games on tv all day long
*Falling in and out of sleep in front of the tv while the game you really wanted to watch is on
*Having all the leftover turkey you and your kids will be eating for the next few days…i.e. Turkey Sandwiches, Turkey Soup, Turkey Salad, Turkey Rice, etc (lol)

We wish All the Mamas and those “Crazy” Baby Daddies a Happy Thanksgiving. Also, we are so Thankful for YOU supporting our Facebook pages and our book. All The Best, MaxLaine & Melanie

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TTT Song of The Day…

(231st day, 134 more days to go)

‎#TTT Song of The Day: It’s that time of year again when most of us, Mamas celebrate the holidays & try to make the best of it without our child’s father in mind. Why should we? Well, we’ve been down THAT road so many times before. You know the road that we take to make sure that our kids see their fathers as much as possible BUT when you’re the only person making the effort it makes it very difficult to continue. Then we’re accused of not wanting their father to be in our children’s life. Blah, Blah…cry us a freaking river because we don’t have any tears left to give to something & someone we no longer have love for. IF you REALLY want to be in your child’s life then YOU will make every effort to be there. PERIOD! Until then, we’re NOT going to cry no more…sing it Mary!!! (Thx Tikisha A. for the song pick)

Somewhere In The World….

(230th day, 135 more days to go)

Somewhere in the world is a Mama preparing for the holiday weekend. She saved some money from her last check so that she can cook her 3 kids favorite foods. Her kids help bake cookies for their special Thanksgiving dinner. She places 4 paper plates on their coffee table because they don’t have a dinner table to eat on. But that’s okay, the kids tell her she can sit with them on the floor at the “kiddie table” instead of their couch. Their happiness warms her heart despite the FINAL NOTICE for their electric bill that she received the day before. On the other side of that world is her Baby Daddy who unexpectedly shows up at her door step with expensive gifts for their kids that equals more than the amount of her electric bill. When she reminds him that she still needs money to pay the bill, he says, “Well, since I don’t get them anything, I used the little money I had to get them something for Christmas.”

Moral of THIS Story…

(229th day, 136 more days to go)

My 11 year-old daughter’s cell phone (a USED phone handed down by one of her older cousins) just rang and the ringtone was Trey Songz’ “Bottoms Up” song. I nearly fell out of my chair. Moral of this story: Mamas, make sure you DELETE everything on a used cellphone BEFORE giving it to your child. #Lessonlearned #LOL

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Dear “Crazy” Baby Mamas…

(228th day, 137 more days to go)


Dear “Crazy” Baby Mamas:

A friend of my Baby Daddy told me that he recently moved upstate to be with this random girl with 4 kids by 4 Baby Daddies. I’m sitting here shocked that my daughter’s father is taking care of this woman and her four kids. He has not seen or called to check up on our daughter at all. It hurts me that he can pick up the pieces for some random chick he recently met online. I know I’m going to snap on him if I ever see his ass again.

CBM Response: Umm, I really need you to step away from this page and breathe woman. Unless you are Patti from that Bravo show, Millionaire Matchmaker then you have no business knowing who your Baby Daddy is dating. Okay, at least not be too focused on it since you may be concerned who he brings around your child. You shouldn’t worry what’s happening under this woman’s roof. Stick to what’s going on under your own roof, Boo Boo especially since you have no control on what goes on there. Sounds to me that if you don’t see him soon you’ll have a lot of emotions bottled up which is NOT healthy for you. LET IT GO. Besides, more than likely he is looking for an easy way out of having the attention on him. (See Chapter 4, It Is What It Is, of our book, “Are You A ‘Crazy’ Baby Mama?” THE BOOK) With all those kids, I’m sure she already knows what type of man she has in her hands and YOU do too so why are you trippin’? The only person left to see him in his TRUE form is your daughter and she will have to do it on her own. So in case he doesn’t get his act together by the time she is a teenager then you need to be ready to wipe her tears away.

TTT’s Song of The Day…by Beyonce

(227th day, 138 more days to go)

Some of us, Single Moms really need to stop trippin’ and Thank our Baby Daddies for letting us go and moving on with their lives. Now is the best time for us to move on with ours. Yeah, yeah, we hear it every week that it’s “hard to Let It Go” so what have you been doing since then. It’s been a week and your time shouldn’t have been spent on worrying about what he is or isn’t doing…Remember, you’re supposed to be “Crazy” about your child and oh yeah..and YOU! The lesson I’ve learned on my journey to Let It Go is that the sweetest revenge is SUCCESS. So let’s go Mamas cause this elevator is going straight To The Top with NO stops. So who’s going with me???

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Somewhere In The World…

(226th day, 139 more days to go)

Somewhere in the world is a Mama who is tired of the excuses that her Baby Daddy gives her.  Even though she always mails him their child’s school pictures, invites him to all their child’s birthday parties, and sends emails to him and his family about their child’s progress or special announcements, he continues to let their child down. He tells their child, “Daddy has no money but loves you very much.” Now their child is getting older and no longer wants to communicate with their father. The Mama has quit trying to keep them together even with telling her Baby Daddy, “the door is always open” for him to be in their child’s life. On the other side of that world is her Baby Daddy showing off his child’s pictures and recent report cards to his family complaining that his Baby Mama is trying to keep their child away from him.

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#RIP Heavy Diddly D

(225th day, 140 more days to go)


This week Hip Hop lost one of the greatest artist who, in my opinion, will never be duplicated.  His music will always live on in my mind and heart.  Some of Hev’s songs highlight several wonderful times I had hanging out with friends and family members.  He reminded me that you can have fun in life no matter what is going on in your life.  If you’ve ever watched any of his performances, he moved better than his background dancers.  A man his size showed us that he could move and groove with you too and you better keep up with him…IF you could.

Heavy Diddly Diddly D, you will be missed.  Thank you for giving us music that our great grand children will be able to rock and dance to.  I will never forget you.  Keep dancin’. 

Written & Posted by: Maxx

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